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Targo Promotion Group was founded in 1992 in Prague and has rapidly become a market leader in 3D promotional items in the CEE region.

We specialize in tailor made solutions and we provide a very customized sales support. This means we carefully study each of our clients’ needs and suggest innovative and creative solutions based on their budget and adapted to their specific requirements.

Our experienced account managers provide a complex consultancy and conduct projects from their very beginning to the final execution.

We operate in all countries of Central and Eastern Europe and overseas. Our foreign branches ensure very close and intensive contact with international clients as well as with creative designers. Our office in Hong Kong sources suppliers and controls production.

Most of our production takes place in Asia. Our office in Hong Kong assures the narrow contact with Asian partners and closely supervises local production sites.

We cooperate uniquely with producers whose products fulfil the highest European norms.

Multinational FMCG companies belong to our major clients with whom we work either on local or cross country projects.

  • We have been a leader in the area of 3D tailor made promotional items in the region of Central and Eastern Europe since 1992
  • We provide solutions to our clients in how to increase sales through sales promotion, from the initial idea to the final realization
  • We place emphasis especially on quality, creativity and innovation during realization of orders for our clients
  • We participate in local and international projects especially with multinational FMCG clients, who among others belong to our satisfied clients 
  • We cooperate purely with checked suppliers who fulfill the highest international standards.


Our company specializes in the design and production of unique promotional items - tailor made gifts. It is a product that is traditional in its functionality but completely original in its design. Such goods are produced in limited series on specific advertising campaigns. Given that this is mainly a large series of low-budget items, we use our audited partners in China, India, Vietnam or elsewhere in Asia.

With respect to our demanding clients, we produce goods in certified and socially-audited factories that meet strict environmental and social requirements.


Thanks to years of experience, in TARGO PROMOTION we very well understand the needs of our clients and we are well aware of what forms the basis of our own success. The values that we appreciate represent what is the most important to us and what makes our customers returning to us time after time; that is reliability in supply and uniqueness of solutions.


For all of our products that we develop, we see a very substantial need to differentiate and be unique. Creativity and uniqueness of our designs is natural for us and it represents our strong competitive advantage. Many of our designs are subject of trademarks, and during our solutions we also use the latest processes, materials and technologies. Our goal is to create quality product with interesting design that takes into account a wide range of needs and requirements of our clients, respecting both supported product, and financial capabilities of our clients.


Thanks to years of experience that we have in the field, we have managed to create a network of proven and reliable suppliers who take the issue of quality to be a priority, as well as we do. Our internal control systems allow us to control all stages of production process so that we are able to deliver goods that meet the required quality criteria. We respect the quality requirements of our clients, and if we do not have them defined, we deliver the goods according to the TARGO PROMOTION Quality Standards, which we assess according to AQL principles.


A very important part of our work is to always enable our clients to an easy and quick path to relevant information. Our clients must be sure that we always act transparently, in accordance with their requirements and within the set deadlines. Likewise, we ourselves must be able to safely handle information about our suppliers, new technologies, materials, orders and business partners and prevent not only conflict situations, but also stay updated, prevent problems and always on time, professionally and correctly fulfil our clients´ orders.


We always approach our work responsibly and professionally, constantly increasing our professional knowledge and skills in accordance with the needs of the company and our clients, and our communication is truthful and understandable. We adhere to the rules of business ethics, our employees maintain a professional appearance and we always speak with our clients the language spoken in their company.


The present time is rapidly changing and the requirements and needs of our clients are developing dynamically. In TARGO PROMOTION, we do everything we can to be able to define the occurred changes and quickly and flexibly integrate them. Thanks to the process management, run by system TIS (TARGO Information System), we are able not only to work efficiently and well, but also to easily adapt our work to new needs. Therefore we are able to timely react to occurred situations and propose appropriate solutions.


The high level of client service and availability of our staff, as well as professional and proactive approach have been the best image of our company. Our Account Managers maintain close and regular contact with our clients, inform them about the ongoing production, they are interested in their needs and they come up with solutions, but at the same time they try to prevent potential misunderstandings and problems at all levels of production and supply. Thanks to that we represent for our clients a reliable partner, willing to solve immediately any problem or change that may occur.


What is exceptional for others is standard for us. We are not afraid to take responsibility and we do not allow excuses. We carefully listen to the clients' requirements and we always try to come up with solutions that best fit their needs. We always keep in mind their best interests and in our work we take into account our clients´ rules, standards and expectations. We are always ready to deliver excellent performance and professional service and we deal even with the most difficult challenge with joy. We raise questions and offer possible solutions proactively.



Principles of business dealings

„We consider fairness to be a matter of course, courtesy to be a privilege and truth to be a duty”

To be able to do our job responsibly, our customers must feel that they can entrust their confidential information to us, that they can rely on us, that our products will have the highest quality and that we are always willing to listen and proactively solve their problems and requirements. Likewise, our suppliers must know that we will always deal with them fairly and responsibly, and our employees need to have full confidence in their colleagues and the environment in which they work. Therefore we have developed a code of ethics of our values, so that we fulfil these principles under all circumstances.



All of our products must be flawless and harmless. We pay attention to compliance with all technical standards, health and safety regulations and requirements of our clients, both during production and during packaging and transportation.


We expect our employees and suppliers to act socially, ethically and in morally responsible manner. We require them to act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in every country in which we do business, and we require freedom to make decisions, protective policy of employment, health, safety and human rights.


Quality is required and understood in TARGO PROMOTION as a natural part of company life. It is an open and integrated system which can be continuously supplemented and changed by decision of the management, based on suggestions or on the results of a review. The quality management policy is regularly reviewed by the management of the company with respect to continuity and suitability for the following term. It is disseminated and implemented within the company by means of the system TIS, and employees are familiarised with it upon entering the company, at trainings, and when the quality management policy is updated.


Just as it is important for us to ensure that our products deliver value to our customers, it is also important for us to know that we do so responsibly and with respect to our planet and future generations. Only a company, that is thriving while providing a friendly approach to the environment and society, is capable of improving the lives of others in the long term, without detracting from the quality of life for generations to come. Therefore, we pay special attention to the negative impacts of our activities and develop measures which contribute to their reduction or complete elimination.

Transparency and fair play

Our clients must be sure that the information we provide is truthful, understandable and meaningful. It is our duty and responsible task to always provide quick and easy access to all relevant information and make sure that all our work is fully transparent and fair. We always approach our clients with sincerity and respect, we act in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics and we do not attempt any fraudulent conducts under any circumstances. We also always inform our clients about impending or acute problems truthfully, accurately and in a timely manner, and together we look for solutions that minimize the client´s burden.

Conflict of interest and confidentiality

We perceive all information about our clients, their contracts, orders, prices and business strategy as very confidential regardless of whether they are contractually protected or not. We always take great care to ensure avoiding any misuse of confidential information, conflict of interest, conflicts or their disclosure to third parties in any way. For more than twenty years of our company operation, we have not had a single case of any conflict of interest of our clients, especially thanks to our set rules:

  • We focus primarily on tactical information and during our work we intentionally avoid client information of strategic, long-term and conceptual meaning, where the risk of misuse is far more significant.
  • We mutually eliminate sensitive information from our customers so that our employees do not get into conflict situations. We contractually bind all our employees to the principles of confidentiality.
  • We carefully coordinate the orders and from the very beginning we prepare designs in such way that we can always offer completely different and unique products.

We proudly abide by our trustworthiness, do not object to any contractual obligations concerning confidentiality and also respect high fines for its violation.

Bribes, corruption and gifts

In matters of corruption, we have set the strictest rules and control mechanisms. We do not offer, promise or provide any benefits to our clients in exchange for our favourable position. All corporate gifts, which we provide to our clients in a blanket manner, do not exceed 10 EUR. We refuse any gifts, benefits or services that would be offered by our suppliers. We do not engage in deceptive or unfair practices and we present all our services and products in honest and straightforward manner.

We perceive the issue of money laundering very strongly, we apply enhanced measures in cooperation with politically exposed persons or groupings, and we join the FATF definition and directives of the European Parliament 2005/60/EC, 2006/70/EC and Regulation 1781/2006 of the European Parliament.

Protection of intellectual property

Intellectual property is an integral part of any creative process, and the uniqueness of an idea forms and represents its true value. Whether this relates to our own designs and products, industrial patents, technological solutions or only partial ideas in creating designs, the adherence and respect of this proprietorship has always been rather ethical than legal issue. This is why TARGO PROMOTION commits to respect and adhere to the intellectual property of others, whether registered or not, and as well we greatly appreciate respecting our intellectual property from our clients.

Reporting unethical behaviour

In the case of violating the rules and principles of TARGO PROMOTION business dealings by our employees, our clients can contact the responsible Key Account Manager, or in the case of serious misconducts also directly the CEO according to the contacts stated on the website.

We commit to check all suggestions seriously, actively and responsibly and, in the case of found deficiencies take adequate measures. Then we will always inform the client about the result of the investigation.





Na Florenci 31 110 00 Prague 1 Czech Republic
ID no.: 604 89 294
VAT group no.: CZ60489294
File ID: C 9351, Municipal Court in Prague
Registered capital: 1.000.000 CZK


Hamzsabégi út 37 1114 Budapest Hungary
Adószám: 12654091-2-41
EU-s adószám:  HU12654091
Cégjegyzékszám: 01-09-696880, Fővárosi Bíróság, mint Cégbíróság


ul. MARSZAŁKOWSKA 111 00-102 Warszawa Poland
Regon: 011561661
NIP: 527-22-68-914,
Sąd Rejonowy dla Miasta Stołecznego Warszawy, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS w Warszawie pod nr KRS: 0000188445


Office A, 15/F., Kimberley House, No. 35 Kimberley Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Room 1211, the 2nd office building, WanDa Plaza No.6 North KangLe Road, Houjie Town, DongGuan City, GuangDong Province People´s Republic of China


1125580 m3

OVER 1025







Vážení klienti,

Dovolujeme si vás informovat o našem novém projektu, kterým je výstavba fotovoltaické elektrárny, reg. č. CZ.31.3.0/0.0/0.0/22_001/0001875. tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií prostřednictvím Národního plánu obnovy a Ministerstva průmyslu.

Cílem projektu je instalace fotovoltaické elektrárny o výkonu 36 kWp sloužící pro vlastní spotřebu žadatele a bateriového uložiště o výkonu 81,2 kWh (z dotace financováno 36 kWh). Za pomoci využití obnovitelných zdrojů dojde k optimalizaci zajištění elektrické energie pro podnikatelskou činnost.